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Accelerator program Sustainable Cities


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

- Aristotle -

The Program


The Business Development workshops aim to guide startups in the creation of their business models, value propositions, roadmaps and financial forecasts to then consolidate all in a well structured business plan. 

Model: Your business story simplified
Use the Business Model Canvas as a tool to create a high-level overview of your business. Useful for bringing your value proposition, operations, customers and finances into a concise story that fits on one piece of paper.

Market: Your product or service understood
Use the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool to define how your product or service adds value to your envisioned customers. Useful make sure you keep your customer needs in mind when creating your business story.

Operations: Your team and tools on-the-go
Use the transformation map and project plan as tools to think about your business activities, resources and timelines together. Useful to highlight critical links between your activities and keep your team on the same page. 

Results: Your performance targets measured
Use the Business Case as a tool to bring together your forecasted costs and revenue. Useful to find what business elements have the greatest impact on finance and impact targets, and could speed up the breakeven point.

At the end of the four practical sessions we work one-on-one with each startup, challenging their individual business story, to build a solid, actionable business plan with which to move forward.

"Knowing my ending, makes my beginning super easy. Totally clear what I have to do and totally clear what I should not do."

- Malcolm Gladwell -

Workshop dates

November 23rd - December 21st

  • Time: 09:00 - 12:30
  • Location: World Startup Factory
  • Address: Juliana van Stolberglaan 10, 2595 CL The Hague
November 20th: Model

Your business vision on paper.

November 23rd: Market

Your value proposition design.

November 29th: Operations

Your organization roadmap.

December 7th: Results

Finance and impact indicators.

December: Coaching

1-on-1 startup sessions.

December 12th: Plan

Business plan ready for 2019.